Sharing as a mission.

We support
education and knowledge
in all its forms.

We follow and apply design and design thinking methods in our workshops and educational activities. A human-centric approach based on practical and direct experience.

We base our future on the solid roots of our heritage. We share our knowledge and ThaiPuan culture in our seminars and educational projects.

We aim to preserve and share our craftsmanship origin. Ancient techniques and traditions are the souls of the Creative Hub. In our courses, we wish to transmit our story and craft skills to the most considerable audience possible.

Our expertise and experience allow us to offer a custom-designed educational experience to our customers based on their needs or interests.

We believe in the power of tradition as we know the importance of new technologies as tools to offer a better, easier and more efficient education.
We mix tradition and the future to guarantee the best result for our students.

We design our teaching tools based on the most advanced educational and design methods. In this way, we can offer a unique and stunning learning experience.


Miniloom is a practical and easy-to-transport loom inspired by the traditional Thai Puan loom. It allows the user to easily learn and practise every Thai Puan technique.

Pattern Board

The Pattern Board is a panel which uses simple geometric figures to teach pattern making and shape abstraction to students who are not familiar and confident with a creative environment.