About our Mission

We are
the conjunction between design
and craft.

Our Hub was born in harmony between the Thai Puan weaving centre Suntree and the multicultural design studio Manossuasis.
We aim to support the craft community and territory throughout the design method.
We believe in the territory, traditions, and people, as we strongly believe in new technologies and development as tools to hand down and evolve our traditions as artisans and people.
We believe in the community and knowledge sharing as the foundation for our work and Hub.


We want to create a fertile space for people of every age and background. Where generations can meet and be creative together, where the past shapes our future and modernity defend our heritage.
We are working to become the beacon for the territory, its young generations, and its outstanding craft realities.
As a tool, we are nothing without users; that’s why we welcome any thinker who comes to visit our garden.

We are Creative Hub; we are you!
Our projects:

Design Pal


Tha Chai Workshop

Summer Camp