Summer Camp

The Summer Camp was our first project and format.
One intensive week, where students from high school could learn weaving tradition and the design process to create and prototype a new fabric and pattern. During the first edition, 20 students divided into four groups learnt how to develop a product from an idea to the final prototype. In the morning, they discovered the traditional Thai Puan weaving technique from Suntree's artisans. Then they applied the Design Thinking method to their project in the afternoon, followed by Manossusias Designers.
Despite the impressive knowledge they received in a time, they developed four different concepts (Morning, Love, Night, Natural Fresh), the related patterns and final samples. As a first experience and edition, the results were stunning. Not only for the quality of their works and pattern but their feedback. Their idea of traditional weaving, which they had initially, was completely changed and improved to something closer to them. Some continued to weave during the following years and started studying in a creative field.

As the Creative Hub, there is no better fulfilment than looking at our seeds sprout.

We look forward to the second edition on which we are working!