What we ca do for you

More than 10 years of experience
in design, craft and business at your service.


We offer our experience to develop
and optimise materials, processes and tools.

Design Consultancy

We develop new products
spaces and graphics for your business.

Community Development

Our expertise in creating projects
to develop communities and territory.


Our tools and knowledge to create
personalised educational experiences.

We offer our services to guarantee
a greater and more sustainable future for your reality.

Our team of experts can offer you the best tools to achieve your goals and complete your projects.


Research & Development

Materials, tools and strategies based on your necessities and company.
We can optimize your products or production, offering various options for improving reliability, sustainability, safety and profit. Create new materials or tools to make your creations more efficient and outstanding.


Design Consultancy

Our design team can follow your projects offering the correct elements and instruments in Industrial design, Graphic design, Interior Design and Packaging design.
We can follow your brand from the concept phase to the production. We can redesign your brand or develop a new collection or product line. We support the creation and design of the brand’s philosophy, from the initial idea even into the interior shop design.


Community Development

We offer our assistance and experience to create, manage and complete projects capable of building, reinforcing and growing your community.
We guide you in the development of your group based on your needs. Through projects that concentrate on the territory and its characteristics, we design custom projects on tourism, craft, food and lifestyle.



We cooperate with schools, universities and educational realities to promote our heritage and philosophy, offering different education paths on design and craft. We guest students in our workshops and seminaries. Or we can visit academies around the country to realise our or custom courses based on the requests.


Creative Turism

We always welcome tourists to visit us and participate in craft, design and Thai Puan Heritage activities.
We can offer different activities based on duration, topic and number of participants. We can host from families to large groups on request and reservation.

We’d love to collaborate
with you on the perfect project ever